January Box: New Year, New Lippies!

Happy New Year! What better way to start 2016 than with brand new lippies? We sent out some awesome products this year. Let’s see what we got!


Where do we even begin?! To start out, Lip Smacker came out with new Smoothie flavors. There are three flavors: Mango Mix, Honeydew Kiwi, and Jamaican Me Berry Crazy. Which one did you get?


Remember when we had Lick ‘er Lips in our October box? A bunch of you asked for us to come back with them, so we did! This time, we had an exclusive flavor that couldn’t be purchased anywhere else but the LippieBox. The flavor was Circus Peanut, a yummy candy flavor. Huge thanks to Lick ‘er Lips for making this happen!


Next, we had a high-quality organic lip balm, handmade by an artisan named Ginger and Waldo. We let you choose the two flavors: Marshmallow Fluff and Cotton Candy. They honestly smell AMAZING! It’s so good to know that the ingredients are all-natural.


We had another all-natural lip balm in the same box: these ones below called For Your Lips. They came in 4 flavors: Smooth Vanilla, Cherry Chill, Classic Mint, and Totally Tangerine. They’re made in the USA!


Lastly, we added another popular Lip Smacker! These Liquid Lip Smackers are in super cute packaging and add a clear glossy finish to your lips. This one is in the flavor Cotton Candy.


We hope you enjoyed this month’s box! Which lippie was your favorite?

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