Sun Crush: Renew your Lips

This year in the April LippieBox we received many wonderful products! I was very excited to see Sun Crush this month, it was a product I recommended! Let me tell you why!


I have been crushing on Sun Crush since I first tried them.(Pun intended) I truly believe that there is no other lip balm like this one! The owner Mark has spent 10 years perfecting this formula with the calendula flowers he grows in his lovely garden. You can see the care he takes for his flowers and his balms on his Instagram page @suncrushlips . His products are a must have staple for me, part of my Top Ten Best Balms List!

The label has an orange bubble background which reminds me of soda fizz! The scent is orange ginger, strong on the ginger with the twist of citrus. This makes me want to try orange ginger ale which appears delicious and refreshing just like this balm!

This product is yellow without tint which is because of the organic calendula flowers and olive oil that he puts in his formula. The flower is known for having many health benefits including improving the appearance of skin and speed healing. The flower also heals minor scraps, bug bites, and can protect against infections to help them heal! I had no idea what all the amazing things this flower can do! IMG_0736

When I get asked what balm I recommend for healing dry cracked lips this is one of the first ones I mention! Lots of balms claim that they have healing powers, but this one means business! The formula is smooth, almost lightweight but a bit thicker. It is soothing, organic, and completely natural! Also has olive oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E that have great health benefits and moisturizing! This quickly fixes your lips renewing them back to baby soft.

Mark carries other yummy flavors: Peppermint, Licorice, Cinnamon, and my favorite, Lemon Lime! I do not have anything negative to say about this balm or any of his!

I was also happy to see a discount code on the post card note that came in my box for his products! I just might have to use it!

Have a wonderful day, thank you for reading!


April Showers Brings LippieBox!

April LippieBox has arrived!

I am the type of person that when I know I am getting a package I stalk the mail man. I just love getting packages! It is like getting a special surprise present, and this comes monthly! Also I like that we were given discount codes to buy from the companies, LippieBox is hooking us up!

So for this month we got:


Lipstick Pen: I have used lipstick pens before but this is the prettiest one I’ve seen! Reminds me of a MAC lipstick! Also writes really well! You just pop off the lipstick color and underneath is the pen. Super Cute! Their website offers different sassy clutches, makeup bags and also makeup themed shirts! They see makeup for what it is, a form of art! Which carries their motto “Love raised me, Lipstick saved me” This is so much fun to write with!


Chicken Poop Lip Junk: I have used this balm for many years. It is amazing! It is a strong herbal scent with Lavender and sweet orange essential oils. It contains no poop so do not worry! It is very soothing, when I am sick this is the first balm I grab because it is such a comfort to me. Also the name just makes me smile! Be sure to check out my review on it!

Sun Crush Lip balm in Orange Ginger, Fun fact, I have worked with this company before and recommended these to Lippie Box! It smells like ginger ale with orange which I wish would become an actual soda because it is amazing! With the use of the organic Calendula flower these really do heal your lips! It is very smooth, does not melt, has almost a lip butter consistency and weight to it! Extremely moisturizing this will heal just about anyone’s lips! Check out my separate review on this!



Lip Locker lipstick: This is quite a unique take on lipstick! They are about making your own unique lipsticks as well as they offer some of their own colors like this one in Merlot. I like that it came with a full body plastic sealing on it for that extra protection. I did notice that there was lipstick in the edges of the entire label and noticeably so under the cap. I do not really mind that though! The color itself is very dark, bold, and gorgeous! It even has a metallic light red finish to it.


It only comes off a little if you happened to kiss someone or pat your lips! Although it does come off easy if you rub so I would still bring this with you if you were to wear it out. I wore it to an event for a few hours, and it did not budge! This lipstick is so comfortable that I even forgot that I was wearing it. But I do recommend wear a lip balm underneath to lessen the showing of wrinkles in your lips. It is such a fun idea for them to have a DIY kit coming out where you can create your own lipsticks. That also means your own amazing personalized colors!



Naked Scrubs: The scent is citrusy, makes me think of fresh lemonade! The glass jar has 2oz of product that is all natural! It is easy and also yummy to lick it off your lips. The sugar is very fine so it is a bit hard to apply as not a lot of product comes out on my finger. It may just be my personal preference, but the great thing is that this does not make a mess! I enjoy the retro organic packaging as well. Super cute!


This box was very diverse with a lot to offer! Be sure to read my in depth reviews on the Sun Crush Orange Ginger Balm and Chicken Poop Lip Junk !

As for the May box, I can not wait to see what lies in store next!



Chicken Poop Lip Junk!

This balm is a curiosity, it is definitely a conversation starter! Of course it does not contain any poop, it is just a bit of comedy.

Simone Chickenbone 100% Free Ranged Chicken Poop Lip Junk is made in Wichita, Kansas. This balm was created by a woman entrepreneur who was inspired by her grandpa’s humor. He would say “put some chicken poop on your lips so you won’t lick ’em”.  Which it just hilarious to me especially since I own chickens! When I heard about this balm years ago I just had to get one!


There are some fond memories for me with this product. First time I bought it I visited a friend at her work to show her which it made her day! She was laughing so hard, taking photos for her social media then purchased one herself! Sadly my friend passed away but this is a way for me to recall that happy occasion and put a smile on my face!

The packaging is unisex, simple but endearing! I enjoy how it says “put put it on your lips” for added hilarity.

This balm is completely natural with a readable list of ingredients! Also their website says that it is animal cruelty free! The scent is herbal, it is Sweet Orange and Lavender scented. The sweet orange is known for making you feel happier! Probably why this is my go to when I am sick or down! It is very strong but also extremely soothing. It is not lightweight but not heavy either. My lips are very content wearing this balm because I know it is very healing. Soaks into my lips making them feel soft and smooth. Definitely a must have!

I was very excited to see this in LippieBox and hope you enjoyed it as much as I do! When in doubt, Chicken Poop it out!

March Box: Pot of Gold!

Hello my Lippie Loves!

The March Lippie Box has come! I seriously can not get over the actual box packaging, it is adorably packaged up! I feel spoiled every month when I receive it!


Inside it contains:

A Lip balm Holder with four leaf clovers! When I first saw these coming out I did not believe they could actually hold my lip balm without falling out. But it does! So I am very excited about! Also the pattern is super cute! The clip is sturdy as well!

Taste Beauty NYC Lipstick in Mauve: I never wear lipstick, but this lipstick is so easy to use I have no problems! (I will explain more later, I recommend not missing this review!) It is a beautiful nude color for me, it is a tad more pink than my natural lip color which I love about it. The packaging is simple but the rose gold is beautiful! I was shocked that Taste Beauty came out with a lipstick and I’m very impressed with the quality! It is a bit drying so be sure to use one of the balms for extra moisture! I will be doing an in depth review on this one for sure!


Balm Daddy Legend balm in Green Apple Passion fruit: I have worked with Balm Daddy before so I really like their balms. They just took it to the next level with…everything! The packaging is so uniquely unisex, I love the look! All of their scents are out of the box. Green Apple Passion fruit is different, very tart with both perfectly blended together! I smell mostly Green Apple but Passion fruit is holding on tight so it will not be missed! There is not another balm like this one in my collection. It is a firm balm that has is a little waxy but it is very moisturizing. Has a great barrier to protect your pout from the harsh weather. I like this one so I bought the rest of their line!

Bebe Bartoon Frog in Creamsicle: The detail to the packaging is amazing, right down to the little feet having individual toes! I have no idea which way he is looking but whatever is he is doing he is very happy about it! The scent is very strong with a tint of sheer orange. I enjoyed the cute heart design on top, oops sorry I used mine and worn it off! If you really like this design but you have used up your balm you can always buy more lip pods to replace the old one!


Lavee Nutri-Pure Lip Balm: This does not list a scent but it smells like raspberry! It is very creamy, has high shine, is in between medium and light weight formula. It is organic with readable ingredients that is meant to fix fine lines on your lips while moisturizing them! It is comfortable to wear which would be perfect underneath any lipstick! I love the professional looking packaging, it is gorgeous! This is one of my favorites out of this month’s box. You will definitely have beautiful healthy lips after using this!

This box in my mind was definitely a pot of gold! What did you think?


Zit, Zit, Zap! Better Skin

Hello Fellow Lippie Loves!

I really enjoy that fact that LippieBox incorporates other beauty related products not just lip balms. I do my best to take great care of my lips but also I want to take care of the rest of my skin. Especially when getting rid of those pesky pimples! Using a more natural way is definitely something I am interested in!

I have seen Better Skin on Instagram in the past before and am blown away by their gorgeous packaging. It’s colorful, not over powering but also to the point. It retails for $18 for this 2oz glass roller that is for all skin types. Let’s pop into the review!

Say Hello to your new Best friend!


This has tea tree leaf oil, rose hip, Tung wood, rapeseed oil, vitamin e acetate and rosewood oil in it along with salicylic acid ( 1%)  Zit No More is paraben free, surfactant free, gluten free and Vegan! Also more importantly, it is cruelty free!

This roller acne treatment has a very strong earthy scent, I can definitely smell the tea tree leaf oil! Tea tree oil is known for it’s powers of destroying pimples pretty quickly. So I was excited to try this out! Also my mother was as well, in fact at one point she took it from me!

Zit No More applies smoothly and with ease. It helped my skin within a few days those hideous bumps were gone! The product is a liquid which makes it easier to use. Also this does not sting as some acne treatments can. It is completely clear but also doesn’t leave a weird residue on your skin. I have had treatments in the past that would dry causing a glue like noticeable look to it. NOT CUTE! But this does not do that at all! Yay! Also as it says on their website, start using once daily then slowly work up to 2-3 times if needed. If you start applying too often at the beginning in can dry your skin out. It is recommended to consult a doctor about using any form of acne treatment before hand! Always good to check in and make sure.

Better Skin is now sold in Ulta which will make it more convenient to pick up more of these! The size of the treatment is perfect for a purse, vacation bag, or a locker! This treatment was a definitely win in my Box!

Now we are ready to face the world, one less pesky pimple at a time!


Taste Beauty: Taste Lipstick?!

IMG_0327Hello my Lippie Loves!


Today’s Topic is: Taste Beauty NYC Lipstick in Mauve!

Taste Beauty NYC has created their first lipstick! This company is well known for the Fidget Spinner Lip gloss, the flamingo lip gloss that was exclusively at Sephora, and their French Bull Dog lip balm! They are definitely creative for sure, their packaging always grabs my attention. That is why I was a bit surprised that this packaging is very basic although the rose gold color is beautiful! I also like that I can see the lipstick color at the bottom through the acrylic.

Real quick story! I have a friend who is makeup obsessed and when I told her that I was wearing a lipstick she was shocked! Then when I explained I was super excited about it when I saw this product which I now love; She literally said “OMG Has an alien taken you over? Who are you?” This is so not me. I avoid lipstick like it is a disease because I usually struggle with applying it and end up looking like the joker’s twin sister. (no he does not have one I made that up…I think) so back to the review!

It smells like the average lipstick makeup scent, you know what I am talking about I know you do!


The color is gorgeous! It is a pink mauve, slightly more pink than my natural lip color which I love for days I do not want a bold lip (which is most days if I am being honest!).


The creamy feeling formula is a bit drying as are most lipsticks so I recommend applying a really good lip balm before putting this on! Of course the more you add to your lips the more noticeable it becomes. This is not kiss proof so yes it does transfer, during eating, drinking, the usual things of life so keep it with you! I feel like that is the case with every average lipstick I have tried unless they have stated otherwise. Also it does show the lines in your lips, be sure to use a lip scrub before hand as well! For the price though ($5.00) it is totally worth it! I hope they come out with more colors in this formula!

This is NOT tested on animals and is gluten free! Which I fully enjoy supporting. I have already worn this at least six times since I received this! That is huge seeing as a month ago I was not a fan of lipstick. Thank you LippieBox and Taste Beauty for providing the chance to change my mind about lipstick!

Bebe Bartoons: Kissed by a Frog

Hey there Lippie Loves!

In this year’s March Box a cute baby frog decided to hop on in! He sure appears quite happy about it too! Two young entrepreneurs created this little fellow right down to his tiny toes! I really enjoy seeing the next generation starting their own businesses, very inspiring!

Alright so on with the in-depth review! Ribbit

The detailing is insane, from his happy smile to his separated toes, to the lime green coloring! I adore how you can not tell which direction he is looking at with his big eyes as well.


If you are coming from my Instagram page, you would already know that I also have their beautiful unicorn balm. Although I really adored the packaging, I was unimpressed with the balm itself. Because the scent was not as described (but I still enjoyed it!) and the balm was very waxy which felt drying and uncomfortable to my lips. I received a lot of comments on my review saying that I should try other ones. From what I gleaned from my followers was that the unicorn is the only one with that formula. To my surprise this formula is as they explained, completely different!

The consistency is lightweight, a little greasy but the scent is fantastic! This is orange Creamsicle which is exactly what it smells like! The orange and vanilla got married to a perfect blend of yum! Also this frog has a slight tint of orange because the color is so intense! I do not find it to be the most moisturizing balm but it is super cute. Of course you may have a different experience than me in this regard! There is not a lot of product in this but because it is so lightweight it should last a while. It is easy to open and it clicks right in place so you do not have to worry about it in your purse or backpack!


They do have other animals such as a panda, bulldog, and penguin so it is easy to find your favorite creature! Also they have replacement pods for you to add to your existing container or mix up the scent! You can also pop out the balm when you finish to use it to hold jewelry or perhaps earbuds. Good ideas for a school locker or a vacation trip!

What did you think of your Bebe Bartoon?