April Showers Brings LippieBox!

April LippieBox has arrived!

I am the type of person that when I know I am getting a package I stalk the mail man. I just love getting packages! It is like getting a special surprise present, and this comes monthly! Also I like that we were given discount codes to buy from the companies, LippieBox is hooking us up!

So for this month we got:


Lipstick Pen: I have used lipstick pens before but this is the prettiest one I’ve seen! Reminds me of a MAC lipstick! Also writes really well! You just pop off the lipstick color and underneath is the pen. Super Cute! Their website offers different sassy clutches, makeup bags and also makeup themed shirts! They see makeup for what it is, a form of art! Which carries their motto “Love raised me, Lipstick saved me” This is so much fun to write with!


Chicken Poop Lip Junk: I have used this balm for many years. It is amazing! It is a strong herbal scent with Lavender and sweet orange essential oils. It contains no poop so do not worry! It is very soothing, when I am sick this is the first balm I grab because it is such a comfort to me. Also the name just makes me smile! Be sure to check out my review on it!

Sun Crush Lip balm in Orange Ginger, Fun fact, I have worked with this company before and recommended these to Lippie Box! It smells like ginger ale with orange which I wish would become an actual soda because it is amazing! With the use of the organic Calendula flower these really do heal your lips! It is very smooth, does not melt, has almost a lip butter consistency and weight to it! Extremely moisturizing this will heal just about anyone’s lips! Check out my separate review on this!



Lip Locker lipstick: This is quite a unique take on lipstick! They are about making your own unique lipsticks as well as they offer some of their own colors like this one in Merlot. I like that it came with a full body plastic sealing on it for that extra protection. I did notice that there was lipstick in the edges of the entire label and noticeably so under the cap. I do not really mind that though! The color itself is very dark, bold, and gorgeous! It even has a metallic light red finish to it.


It only comes off a little if you happened to kiss someone or pat your lips! Although it does come off easy if you rub so I would still bring this with you if you were to wear it out. I wore it to an event for a few hours, and it did not budge! This lipstick is so comfortable that I even forgot that I was wearing it. But I do recommend wear a lip balm underneath to lessen the showing of wrinkles in your lips. It is such a fun idea for them to have a DIY kit coming out where you can create your own lipsticks. That also means your own amazing personalized colors!



Naked Scrubs: The scent is citrusy, makes me think of fresh lemonade! The glass jar has 2oz of product that is all natural! It is easy and also yummy to lick it off your lips. The sugar is very fine so it is a bit hard to apply as not a lot of product comes out on my finger. It may just be my personal preference, but the great thing is that this does not make a mess! I enjoy the retro organic packaging as well. Super cute!


This box was very diverse with a lot to offer! Be sure to read my in depth reviews on the Sun Crush Orange Ginger Balm and Chicken Poop Lip Junk !

As for the May box, I can not wait to see what lies in store next!



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