Elemental Promise in Hibiscus Brairberry Lip Balm

Hello everybody!

Many of you might be curious regarding this lip balm that was featured in the June LippieBox.

I must say between this lip balm and My Magical Star’s lip balm I was super excited for this box.

It has such an utterly unique scent choice I couldn’t wait to try it out. It just sounds so good. And for sure it did live up to its name!

First off this lip balm, which costs $7, is all natural which is always a big plus. No harsh chemicals in here! The ingredient list includes:

• Olive oil which is used to protect lips from drying out and chapping.

• Beeswax once again is very good for dry and chapped lips because it keeps the moisture inside. I have also read that beeswax can help prevent certain infections such as cold sores.

• Coconut oil is very moisturising and also helps speeding the healing process of dry and chapped lips.

• Butyrospermum Parkii Butter (Shea Butter) is very moisturising as well and also protects the lips agains dry and cold weather.

• Ricinus Communis Seed Oil (Castor oil) helps with sunburnt lips and is very moisturising for chapped lips.

• Rosa Centifolia Petal is the petals of the Cabbage/ Provence rose which was bred by the Dutch around the 17th to 19th century. Here’s another fact that I found very interesting. Infact this rose is mentioned as Princess Anneliese’s favourite in the movie “Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper”! Of course the petals is used for their divine scent in this lip balm.

• Alkanna Tinctoria Root also known as Dyer’s bugloss is used as a natural dye.

• Hibiscus Sabdariffa (aka Roselle from West Africa) is slso used for the lovely hibiscus scent.

• Tocopherol (a form of Vitamin E) is used for its antioxidant properties.

All these wonderful ingredients works together to form a lip balm with a consistency that’s light weight but very moisturising in my opinion. Usually I do not like lightweight formulas but this one does prove to hydrate my lips!

I love the subtle natural scent of hibiscus and maybe a tinge of berry. I admit I have never had Brairberry so I do not know what it is supposed to smell like. It’s not very strong thus perfect for those who don’t want anything overpowering.

The formula is lightweight, but still does the job of moisturising.

I love the fact that the lip balm comes in a glass tub. It gives it an professional image and can be reused after using for storing earrings for example.

There are around 0.17 oz/ 5 ml lip balm in this tub. Even though the product seems little in the tub, have no fear as only a little is needed.

I love the lip balm and recommend it. Thanks to LippieBox I had the opportunity to try out this balm!

Comment below if you would want to try this.

And remember to go check out all their (Elemental Promise) lip balms here: https://bit.ly/2ppqYUS

They all look so good and I can assure you the Hibiscus Brairberry one is delish!

June LippieBox 2018: Unbox & Review

Hello everyone!

I’m always excited to receive this monthly supscription box specifically aimed at lip products. It’s so exciting to see what is in the box this month and then trying everything out. What I like about this box is that you get the opportunity to try products put which you either wouldn’t have bought of couldn’t find in store.

If you’re new here LippieBox is a monthly subscription box with a selection of five lip products. There can be anything from lip crayons, lip balms, lip scrubs, lip sticks, lip glosses etc. There has also been months where the subscribers received a lip stick shaped pen, pout pop socket or a lip shaped soap!

Let’s look back at the June LippieBox!

The five products featured were:

> Note Cosmetics Mattemoist Lip Gloss in “Matnude” (Normally priced at $10)

I was pleasantly surprised with this lip product. Normally I go for more bold red or fuchsia lip colours, so this was a first for me. (That is what I like about this box.) The colour is beautiful and very subtle. A pinkish brown and beige mixture I would say. Being such a nude colour it is not that noticeable from far away as it blends with my skin colour. I love to wear this one since ut can go with literally any outfit. It’s a nice colour to wear to the office too! Read my review on this one for more information!

> Elemental Promise in Hibiscus Brairberry Lip Balm ($7)

This all natural lip balm has a subtle berry scent mixed with the soft scent of a hibiscus flower. It is not that strong so if you are not into strong scents I recommend you try this one out! I was so excited to try this one put specifically since the scent is so unique. It is very moisturising with a thinish light weight formula. I just love the glass tub too. Even though the lip balm is a nice peachy colour there is no colour payoff. This lip balm can be used with the Note Cosmetics lip gloss to lessen the dry feeling that matte lip glosses often has. Read my more in depth review here!

> Sormé Cosmetics’ Tasty Tubes in Punch 05 ($15)

This lip gloss has that classic glittery glossy formula with a slight pink sheen. I love the fruit punch scent a lot. It is so fruity I just want to do that infamous “there’s-lip-balm-on-my-pout-and-it-smells-delicious” pout all the time. The scent stays on your lips for a good while too. This reminds me of a Lip Smacker scented lip gloss. I like to wear this lip gloss to the mall or on an outing with friends. It’s not not extemely pigmented and is more about the scent and shine than a dark lip colour. And that is what I like about this lip gloss.

> Be a Bombshell’s Lip Crayon in “What the Fuchsia” ($7)

I expected this lip crayon to be extremely pigmented and that one will has a very bright fuchsia pout if you wear this, but actually (in a good way) the colour is not too over poweringly bright. (I mean let us be honest here: not all people will wear overwhelmingly bright lip colours.) The lip crayon has a nice watermelon / rouge colour when applied to the lips which seems to provide a lovely pinkness to my lips. So if you were afraid that this one would be too bright and “only for the younger ladies” do not worry! I think all ages can rock this colour! This reminds me of a Baby Lips.

> My Magical Star in Double Bubble Gum Lip balm ($3)

I was so happy when I saw that My Magical Star featured again. Their products are always the best with great scents and formulas. (My Magical Star has featured quite a few times in LippieBox and I can tell why! 😋) I just love anything bubble gum scented so I was so glad to add this to my collection. My Magical Star you did it again! This lip balm is very moisturising and can also be used with the Matte Lip gloss to provide moisturisation.

Which lip product featured in June would you like to try out most? Comment below! Remember to read my two reviews on Note and Elemental Promise!

Have a nice day!

Note Cosmetics Mattemoist Lip Gloss in “Matnude”

Hello everyone! Here is a review on a beautiful nude lip gloss that featured in the June LippieBox. I never went for nude lip products before, often opting for a bold pout if I want some colour in my life. The problem is that if you can not wear Fuchsia and Red lip sticks to all occasions nor does it go with all outfits. Thanks to LippieBox I got the opportunity to try out this beauty from Note Cosmetics.

Personally I am not the biggest fan of matte lip glosses as they can be drying without a lip balm. I do not like the lines on my lips to look like dried up mud or something! Thankfully I have enough lip balms to help me with that! (And LippieBox included two lip balms in this month’s box as well.) I used Elemental Promise’s lip balm in Hibiscus Brairberry to help me in this instance. I just dab a bit of lip balm beneath and even a little bit on top of the lip gloss and then I’m good to go.

The lip gloss has a very pleasant vanilla scent. I must say I love it when a lip gloss or lip stick smells good!

Only one coat does the trick and it is very pigmented. It tries up pretty fast as well. The nude colour works pretty well with my skintone and is not as “in-your-face” as some bold colours might be. I feel that this colour enhances my natural lips’ colour. It is not necessary that noticeble from far away, but the slight difference in colour makes a great final touch to my outfit. The colour of the gloss is a peachy pink, light brown and beige mixture where the pink tone is the most prominent. I think this will go pretty well with all skincolours.

As with all semi-matte lip glosses this one needs to be reaplied if you ate or drank something. The colour is doesn’t wipe off any anything unintentionally so you are safe to give your loved one a kiss.

What I like about the colour is that you can wear this in almost any situation. You can also wear it to the office and look very professional.

Are you searching for a good nude lip gloss or are you used to wearing bold colours? Why don’t you give this one a chance!

> https://bit.ly/2NYP1YB

Thanks for reading, have a nice day!

Glo by Glory’s Glo Stix (Semi-Matte Liquid Lipstick) in “L♡ve Muffin”

Hello everyone!

This semi-matte liquid lip stick is proud to be vegan and cruelty-free and sells for $18.

I couldn’t be more happy with the shade I got. Cherry red really suits and compliments any skin tone out there. I just love the bright, bold pigment and this shade goes with a lot of outfits and is fitting al year round. On the website (www.globyglory.com) the cherry red is described as blue cherry red which signifies it has a blue undertone. I have read that blue undertone lip sticks may also make your smile look a bit whiter. Blue is on the opposite side of yellow on the colour wheel. This means that blue will compliment the slight yellow hue some teeth have.

It was a pleasant surprise when I realised that the lipstick has a vanilla scent!

It is best to exfoliate your lips prior to applying the liquid lip stick so that you have a smooth finish.

I am very impressed at the opacity of the liquid lip stick. One coat truly does the job!
It does not apply streaky. If you really want to, you could add another coat but I do not think it necessary.
I recommend you carry this in your handbag when you wear it for a day out. After I had a meal and drank a drink (through a straw) the liquid lipstick came off at the inner part of my lips. It looked like I only wore lip liner! So it is a good idea to keep this close for touch ups.

If you find the liquid lip stick to be drying you could lightly add a thin layer of lip balm on top so that it can return some moisture to your pout. If you would like to have a different from matte finish you could add a lip gloss on top. I used Absolute! Q10 Smooth Lip Care and it worked perfectly. (Review for that product is on my Instagram page: @Lipbalm_Euphoria)

A tube comes with 0.14oz/ 4 ml of product.

The liquid lipstick dries reasonably fast as well.

It comes with a doe foot applicator and applies easily. I found that it is very easy to correct yourself if you accidentally went out of line while applying this as it can come off with a little water and rubbing!

In conclusion, I recommend this lipstick to any person who loves to rock their bold lip ;). Comment below whether you prefer bold or more neutral shades!

Dr. Lip Bangs’ Lip Freak Lip Balm in “Sonic Cinnabun”

Hello everyone! Here’s a review on one of the most intriguing lip balms I have ever came across. With the claim that this lip balm is “the strongest buzzing lip balm in the whole world” (as said on the tube), one can not help, but to wonder whether it is true.

I am very impressed with the formula. It is medium weight with a smooth, creamy application. I do feel that the balm is moisturising.

The cinnamon aroma is rather strong when first applied but merges into a pleasant cinnamon-like scent in a few seconds. Rather than a cinnabun scent, I feel I get a Frankies’ Cinnamon Cola (soda) aroma when I use this. It’s nice and something different from the normal scent choices that lip balms have (vanilla, mint et cetera). So even though the scent is a touch over powering in the first few seconds it settles to a very pleasant and mild aroma.

One question that arose when I heard of this lip balm is, “Does it plump your lips due to the strong buzzing?” The answer can be found on their website’s Frequently Asked Questions page. This lip balm is not a lip plumper. It’s simply a balm with a buzz.

Now here is the interesting part: I think my lip balm’s oils have settled to heat, because it does not really tingle. I know that this balm works when I read the reviews by @thelipbalmaholic and others. Each lip balm is made using the same recipe as stated on their website.

I do get a slight buzzing sensation when I apply this lip balm generously. It does not have the cooling effect menthol has, it’s just a buzzing “stinging” effect on your lips. And do not worry, it does not hurt at all, it is very safe and made with all natural ingredients.

This lip balm that normally sells for $7.99 has 0.15oz/ 4g of product.

I would recommend anyone who likes to try daring exciting lip products to give this one a try. And if you are a Frankies’ Cinnamon Cola fan… What are you waiting for?

Visit http://www.lipbang.com if you want to read more about this brand.

That’s what I like about LippieBox. You get the opportunity to try all these exciting new products! Comment below whether you would try this!

January LippieBox 2018: In Retrospect

Have you ever decided to start a lip balm collection, but you want to try different lip balms from different brands from those that are available in store? LippieBox is the sure answer for you.

I have always been interested in trying LippieBox. The idea of trying different lip balms from various companies intrigued me a lot. LippieBox offers you the oppertunity to try out new lip products you haven’t seen before.

We are already approaching the end of the first quarter of the year, so why don’t we look back at what the January LippieBox delighted its subscribers with!

This LippieBox is a box that contains a variety of lip products and even two mini hand soaps. I thought the addition of the handsoaps was a sweet personal touch.

This month’s box certainly caters to any girl who loves to pamper herself and have a smooth pout. I loved the variety of products that were included.

When you open the box there is a business card with all LippieBox’s media handles and there is also a pamphlet that contains information regarding what is in the box and who is the subscriber of the month! It’s rather sweet that LippieBox interacts with their followers. That’s what I like about their company.

In between pink crinkle cut paper bits five products await to put a smile on your face. It sure did put a smile on mine!

The first product I got in this month’s box is Doctor Lip Bang’s Lip Freak in Sonic Cinnabun. With the motto “Freak your lips out!” they certainly challenge the adventurous among us to try their lip balm because their lip balms have “the strongest buzzing” in the world! You will have to read my review on this lip balm, to find out more about it, I’m sure you have a lot of questions!

The second product is aimed at any ladies who love that kick of colour for a day out. I’m so glad I got the cherry red shade in “Love Muffin”. Personally I love any bold red, it just gives me that confidence boost and add that pop of colour to my outfit. Are you interested in trying this? Why don’t you read my review on it!

The last three, or should I say four, products is made by the loyal My Magical Star. My Magical Star has been featured in quite a few LippieBoxes in the past and I can certainly see why!

There are two mini hand soaps in the scents vanilla and black raspberry. I could immediately smell these sweet scents when I opened my LippieBox. They smell lush!

The scent of the raspberry lip scrub is what stole my heart the most. When I open the little tub the sweet raspberry scent immediately fills the air! It smells divine! (I must admit I wish I could eat it.)

It is a sugar-based lip scrub and exfoliates your lips to reveal a soft pout. You only need to use about the size of a pea to exfoliate your lips. I recommend you scrub your lips weekly and no more than two times a week since you do not want to scrub too much! You can then just wash the bits of sugar off with water and pat your lips dry with a face cloth. I recommend using this lip scrub then apply your semi matte liquid lipstick for a smooth application. If you want a bit of moisturization you can use your Vanilla Cream Slider Tin lip balm also made by My Magical Star.

I always believe one can not go wrong with vanilla and My Magical Star proved it once again! Their natural lip balm smell absolutely heavenly! It reminds me of vanilla ice cream on a waffle. Sweet, warm notes that teases the taste buds.

This is my first lip balm in a slider tin and I love it! It has no tint and has a long-lasting scent that lingers by your lips for a while. You can take the top completely off if you ever wondered (like me).

What product did you enjoy most in January’s LippieBox ? Comment below!