Lip Freak? Here’s the Buzz!

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Hey there Lippie Loves! Here is the scoop on all the buzz about this balm!

Doctor Lip Bang’s Lip Freak is here to freak your lips out! It’s an all-natural lip balm in the scent Ginger-head man. When on your lips, the ginger scent is at comfortable volume that everyone can enjoy! It’s a noticeable scent that will have you sniffing your lips. Also has a taste of ginger if you lick your lips or happen to kiss someone. The brand also states it’s a fun kissing balm as well! ūüėČ

This has a very sturdy cap so no worries of it opening on you! It carries a circus like feel to the packaging with the words “Lip Freak” dressed in marquee lights. It’s very moisturizing, has high shine with a smooth, soft, medium weight consistency.

Now, this balm claims to be “THE STRONGEST BUZZ BALM IN THE WORLD!” Which I’m here to say is true! This isn’t my first rodeo with this brand mind you. If you come from my Instagram account and have been around for a while, you would know this. I had the Bubble Trouble balm and innocently lathered this on. My lips couldn’t take the heat causing me to hate the balm although I really liked the scent!

With that knowledge, I went in a tad bit daintier which caused me to end up liking it. Putting on a lot of this product is not for the weak at heart as this balm knows how to buzz!
There is nothing like this product on the market that I’ve ever seen. It’s very unique! Definitely recommend trying it!
Also just a side note, in the ingredients list it states it has almond oil and cinnamon oil in it so if you’re allergic to either, just be warned.
Stay tuned for more reviews!


Oh Glo by Glory!

Hello my Lippie Loves! Here is a Review of Glory’s Glo 12 hour semi-matte liquid lipstick in the shade “Love Muffin”¬† which is a blue based Cherry Red. (Click here to shop!)

First off the packaging is super cute with the little hearts and it says “Glo Stix” on it which is a cute little pun! I like that there are instructions on the side of the box for newbies like me to understand how to use this! It’s cruelty-free, also comes with .14oz of product.
Now I’m not sure why it calls itself a semi-matte because it’s extremely matte once it dries! This is also a shade I could see working for most skin tones!

When I followed the instructions of using a balm first then doing a second layer to intensify the color, I had problems. It was super messy getting all over me including my teeth and somehow under my chin! Also with the second layer it would come off very easily when eating, drinking, or when I kissed my hand to test it.

So here is what you do to make it work: the balm is optional, if you do use balm use a lightweight formula and do NOT put on a second layer of the liquid lipstick. Yes it gives it a nice darkened shade but it will come off whereas the first coat is perfectly pigmented and mess free!
It does feel a little sticky even when it’s dried but it becomes fully matte to a beautiful color that doesn’t feather in its process of drying.¬†¬† The blue tone to this shade ensures your teeth will not give off a yellow sheen.¬† Also it’s such a statement shade everyone will notice! I got a lot of compliments when wearing this. I used a lip balm over it to help the removing of the color from my lips which left a nice stain on my lips for a hint of color.

Overall it’s a great color to spice up your day or night plus it is easy to carry in your purse!

Stay tuned for more reviews from me!

[February Box] Be our Valentine…

Happy February, lippie lovers!

This month we wanted to pamper you (and your lips!) with some yummy Valentine’s goodies… so we filled this box with lots of red, pink, and sweet Valentine’s flavors!


Thanks to our LippieBox ambassador, @eos.obsessed_ for taking these photos! Be sure to check her Instagram page out for amazing lippie photos.

Here are the product details for this box:
CANDY HEARTS LIP SCRUB | My Magical Star, $5.50
COCA-COLA LIP GLOSS | Bonne Bell, $7
CHOCOLATE LIP BALM | My Magical Star, $3

Check out this Instagram post for directions on how to use the collagen lip mask!

Please note not all products and flavors in each box are the same as we like to keep our boxes unique and a surprise.

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September Box: Moving into Fall

We hope everyone had a great summer! We’re so excited to start introducing fall and holiday flavored lippies. Here’s an overview of the September box:


First item is the Gypsy Soul Organics lip balm in ‘herbal beebee’. You can use the code ‘Gratitude15’ for 15% off your order!

Retail value: $3.50

Our¬†personal favorite this month was this¬†Jing Ai Velvet Shine Lip Jewel in the shade ‘champagne’. It’s the perfect nude lip crayon! This product isn’t cheap – it retails $22.00!

Retail value $22.00


Our lip scrub this month was My Magical Star lip scrub in the flavor ‘pumpkin cheesecake’. How appropriate for fall!

Retail value $5.50


These Woodland Animals lip balm were a hit this month! How cute are these fox- and squirrel-shaped lip balms?!

Retail value $2.00


Lastly, we had the Lip Smacker Ice Cream Dreams lip balms in various flavors. They smell so yummy!

Retail value $2.50


Total Retail Value: $35.30

Our lowest monthly price is $12/month, making this box an¬†amazing deal!¬†We hope you loved this month’s box. If you’re new, you can subscribe now at

July Box

Super Cute Cosmetics ( lip gloss in 3 flavors: Peace (our personal favorite), Happiness, and Together. Retail price $5.99.


Remember how everyone raved about the Kiss Me Honey ( lip balms in Chocolate? Well, we brought them back in new flavors: Strawberry and Coconut! Retail price $4.99.


These lip scrubs by EllePeaTee¬†are not like what you’ve seen. They’re packaged in a lip balm tube! Retail price $3.99.


Beware: this product really does taste like sour candy!


We love NaturalAnnie (! They created a special summer flavor Island Vibes for us. Retail price $4.50.


Finally, these organic lip balms by D’s Organic are specially made from Turkey. They come¬†in various shapes and flavors! Retail price $4.75.


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June Box: Summer lippies are here!

Hey lippie lovers! We are so excited to introduce you to some amazing summer lippies! Here is an overview of the June box:

Honey Butter Bodycare ( lip butters in 3 flavors: Bare Essentials, Sweet Peppermint, and Vanilla Noir (not pictured). Retail price $6.00.


We went a little retro this month and sent out these fun cassette tape and radio shaped lip balms!


MyMagicalStar ( lip balm in Rainbow Sherbet. Retail price $3.00


Lip Smacker strawberry flavored lip balms in various flavors! Retail price $2.50.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 12.55.06 AM

Sierra Bees all-natural lip balm in various flavors!

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 12.55.27 AM

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April Box

Here is an overview of the May box!


You the Balm lip balms in I “Woof” Berry and “Bear”y Minty scents.


Orange Pineapple lip scrubs by MyMagicalStar. Retail price $5.50


Lip Smacker Disney Princess lip balms in Snow White and Aurora. Retail price $2.50


NaturalAnnie all-natural lip balm in Vanilla. Retail price $4.50


Tasty Lips lip balm in various flavors! Retail price $3.00


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March Box: Spring has Sprung

Happy Spring, everyone! We had some amazing new products in our LippieBox this month! Let’s take a look¬†in detail…


Our box this month included one lip scrub, and four lip balms.

Not yet available for sale!

This month’s lip scrub was FANTASTIC, to say the least! It was in the delicious scent Mai Tai Punch, making it hard not to lick off. The scrub is super gentle and soft, so you know it won’t harshly irritate your delicate lips. This scrub was specially handmade with natural ingredients by Natural Annie (


The next product were these cute animal lippies! Who doesn’t love fun-shaped lip balms? We sent out either the Kitty Bubble Scent, or Fox Rocks Vanilla Scent. Which one do you think is cuter? (I honestly can’t choose!)


The next lippie was the very popular The Nude Lip Balm (, handmade in the UK. We sent out tons of different flavors Рboth in regular clear and tinted balms.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 6.49.52 PM.png
Retail value $3.50

The next lippie was handmade in the USA by CutieLips (, also available in various fun flavors! We sent out Red Velvet Cupcake, Pistachio Ice Cream, Snowcone, Sugared Strawberries, Pink Lemonade, and Cappuccino. I¬†had to keep one of each for myself. They’re just too good!

Retail value $5.99

Last but not least, we had the amazing Kiss Kiss Bhang Bhang lip balm, handmade by Bar None Cosmetics. This product ended up being one of my favorite lip balms! The product only have four ingredients (the main ingredient being Almond Oil), and smells of the delicious almond scent. I’ve been using this one every day!

We hope you were happy with this month’s LippieBox! If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so now at Plans are as low as $12/month if you sign up for 6 months!

February Box: Our First Lip Scrub!

Hey LippieLovers!

We are so excited to show you what was in our February LippieBox! We had our first ever lip scrub in this month’s box. Because honestly, exfoliating¬†your lips is just as important as applying lip balm! No one wants all that gunky dead skin on their lips – lip balm looks so much better when you’ve¬†smoothened them out with a nice lip scrub!


In spirit of Valentine’s Day, we decided to come up with a Valentine’s “Kisser Scrub” in the flavor Pink Lemonade. Yum! This scrub is made by SkinNutrition, and retails for $10!

100% organic and natural!

Next, we added a couple fun Lip Smacker¬†flavors. Who doesn’t love Skittles?!


The Skittles came in 3 flavors: Lime, Strawberry, and Lemon. The Skittles scent is ON POINT!


We also added some classic Lip Smacker soda flavors in Sprite, Coca Cola, and Coca Cola Vanilla. Which soda flavor is your favorite?

Lastly, we had some more fun sweet flavors! These ice cream flavored lip balms came in TEN different flavors! Can you spot the one you got?



Which was your favorite lippie this month?

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January Box: New Year, New Lippies!

Happy New Year! What better way to start 2016 than with brand new lippies? We sent out some awesome products this year. Let’s see what we got!


Where do we even begin?! To start out, Lip Smacker came out with new Smoothie flavors. There are three flavors: Mango Mix, Honeydew Kiwi, and Jamaican Me Berry Crazy. Which one did you get?


Remember when we had Lick ‘er Lips in our October box? A bunch of you asked for us to come back with them, so we did! This time, we had an¬†exclusive flavor that couldn’t be purchased anywhere else but the LippieBox. The flavor was Circus Peanut, a yummy candy flavor. Huge thanks to Lick ‘er Lips for making this happen!


Next, we had a high-quality organic lip balm, handmade by an artisan named¬†Ginger and Waldo. We let you choose the two flavors: Marshmallow Fluff and Cotton Candy. They honestly smell AMAZING! It’s so good to know that the ingredients are all-natural.


We had another all-natural lip balm in the same box: these ones below called For Your Lips. They came in 4 flavors: Smooth Vanilla, Cherry Chill, Classic Mint, and Totally Tangerine.¬†They’re made in the USA!


Lastly, we added another popular Lip Smacker! These Liquid Lip Smackers are in super cute packaging and add a clear glossy finish to your lips. This one is in the flavor Cotton Candy.


We hope you enjoyed this month’s box! Which lippie was your favorite?

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